A New Scent

October 21, 2017

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

"Created for an irresistibly charming and flirtatious woman, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet embodies the couture spirit of Dior in a sparkling and sensual essence. Unfurling a delicate blend of Sicilian orange essence to reveal a tender floral heart, the fragrance unveils notes of pink peony and Damascus rose. As a finishing touch, white musks softly envelop this light and sensual floral bouquet." 

 - Sephora

One of my favorite products when it comes to beauty are perfumes. I love a good scent - it doesn't only smell good, it also makes me feel good. I own a tiny collection of 5 perfumes, where mostly of them are floral scented ones. I recently picked up a new perfume for my collection, and this time I went for Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I instantly fell in love with this scent at the first smell, and after finishing my tiny sample of the perfume, I just had to go get a full size. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a chic and romantic Eau de Toilette with hints of pink peony, damascus rose, white musks and sicilian orange essence. I love the packaging of the perfume - it's so gorgeous, and I love the luxurious feel to it. As this is an Eau de Toilette, the scent doesn't last as long as a perfume does, and it has to be reapplied throughout the day if you want it to last all day. The scent is one of my favorites out of my other perfumes, and it'll definitely be my new go-to for when I'm going somewhere special! 

Have you tried out Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet?

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

October 5, 2017


Today I'm sharing with you a first impression of the newest foundation in my makeup collection - the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation. I was very intrigues after seeing this all over Instagram and YouTube, as I'm always on the look for a good budget-friendly foundation with a shade pale enough for my skin tone. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation comes in 24 different shades with 3 different undertones. I honestly have to say that I struggled to figure out which shade to go for, as there was 3 pale shades that were almost identical. After some swatching and decision-making I decided to go for the shade 03 Porcelain, which ended up being a perfect match. The foundation is supposed to be matte, but I found it to be semi-matte, letting the glow underneath peak through. The foundation has a thin watery consistancy, and is supposed to be buildable depending on how many drops you use. It comes with only 13 ML of product, which I think is crazy for the price point at 189 NOK. As the foundation is quite thin, you'll need many drops to cover your whole face and achieve a medium to full coverage, so I'd imagine running out of the foundation quickly.


I've tried this foundation two times now, and so far I'm impressed! The foundation meltes nicely into the skin, and leaves a natural and flawless finish which looks like skin. It didn't feel like I was wearing any foundation, neither did it look like it! To cover my whole face I used about three to four drops, and to further build up the coverage where I needed it, I used about two more drops. I have to say that this foundation isn't building up to be full coverage, at least not on my skin. I honestly don't mind that as I love a light foundation, and like to cover my pimples and spots with concealer, but if you're a full coverage gal, this might not be your new holy grail. The foundation lasted a good 8+ hours without touch-up, which is what I expect from a foundation. So far I'm really liking this foundation, and it will definitely be my new go-to foundation for an everyday natural makeup look!

+ natural and flawless finish 
+ looks like skin 
+ lasts 8+ hours 

- 13 ML of product 
- high price point 

What are your thought on the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation?


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